Created: 2020-07-24 12:29:52 Platform: Email Email
Title Creating a note in Gmail
This is to see whether the HTML generated from Gmail can be rendered on the page in and how it looks.
This is a Huge line.
This large
This is the normal size (relative to the font size of course)
And this, finally is small.
  • In the basic editor there isn't anything very remarkable
  • But it's good to see how the different styles come out.
Indenting a paragraph two relative tabs in may show up as far less than the original or conversely far more. The wrap is soft of course so there's no knowing whether this line will wrap. Though we know it will iof the window size changes. That is all responsive. 

The font choices in the email should be respected as will all of the styling. The majority of the text on this page is 'Sans Serif'.

Whereas this sentence is in Tahoma, And this is Garamond.

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