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Created Summary Author Referred Summary Tags 2020-12-31 15:39:07.877000 @IoZettel Splitting of the arti...
@IoZettel Splitting of the article on Medium. Tail of thread #Thread #development
bpluly Thread, development, 2020-12-17 13:11:00 Email Test
Zettel.IO Zettel.io will provide a solution as to how to manage notes, papers and slips without regard to the tool or editor used to create them. It is a set of repositories, both public and private,
bpluly 2020-07-14 17:12:15 Cloud Readiness Criteria.xlsx
As an example of an xlsx attachment Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail security
bpluly 2020-07-25 11:25:39 Greek Literature and the Lost Legacy of Canaan
“Greek Literature and the Lost Legacy of Canaan,� in J. Aruz, ed. From Assyria to Iberia. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017, 316-21. Summary OutlineOutlines are generated by Acade
bpluly 2020-12-31 13:02:51.087000 Determining the most efficient w...
Determining the most efficient way to process a thread. @IoZettel #Thread #development https://t.co/bjs4OtYbNT
bpluly On the 19th June 2016 I wrote 'EU Referendum, a Decision Without a Plan' https://t.co/Q4eF6OUQIQ Thread, development, 2021-03-21 10:18:58.453000 @IoZettel #ancientLiterature #po...
@IoZettel #ancientLiterature #poetry #Akkadian #3MillenniumBCE #NameFormation
bpluly The Akkadian/Sumerian poet Enheduanna (2285-2250 BC) is the world’s first named author. #CelebratingWomen https://t.co/fi4XaUGLPS ancientLiterature, poetry, Akkadian, 3MillenniumBCE, NameFormation, CelebratingWomen, 2020-08-18 15:16:24 Emailing: Sea_People_Identity.pdf
The dating and timing seems pretty off, by as much as a century but the narrative is interesting. Send 7
bpluly 2020-08-11 09:46:50 A view of the many etymologies of the names used for Canaanites.
This came up trying to find the word or words that the Canaanites used for purple. Some of the etymologies are from Semitic origin and there's an Ugaritic word huwa which might do. They do be
bpluly 2020-06-23 17:04:46 Note test of URLs, Tags and attachments
This tests finding urls in the text of a note such as https://www.zettel.io or perhaps www.g30consultants.com or even g30consultants.com. And a range of tags, #zettel #testing #urls #attachments
bpluly zettel, testing, urls, attachments, 2020-08-07 17:35:22 SARS-CoV-2 viral load predicts COVID-19 mortality Lancet Correspondence
First claimed study on viral load in survivors and those that die. #covid-19 #epidemiology #statistical-study
bpluly covid, epidemiology, statistical, 2021-01-03 11:26:42.119000 @IoZettel #BRImpact #economicAct...
@IoZettel #BRImpact #economicActivity
bpluly @uk_domain_names I live in Italy and stocked up on a few things before end of year from Amazon UK. This is a compar… https://t.co/AV4WqxmOKS BRImpact, economicActivity, 2021-01-22 12:50:59.093000 @IoZettel #BRImpact #transport...
@IoZettel #BRImpact #transport
bpluly https://t.co/fMg4qDIJh6 BRImpact, transport, 2021-01-28 09:50:14.572000 @IoZettel colonisation of neural...
@IoZettel colonisation of neural material, the brain, by #SARS_CoV_2
bpluly Does neuroinvasion of the brain by #SARSCoV2 happen? Not just in mice, but in *humans*? The clear answer in this st… https://t.co/5M4bBMKc2R SARS_CoV_2, SARSCoV2, COVID19, 2021-02-28 08:25:13.982000 @IoZettel #cinema #film #filmres...
@IoZettel #cinema #film #filmrestoration #worktales
bpluly My long-awaited (by two people) CITIZEN KANE story: After NYU, I was working in a film restoration lab in NYC. It… https://t.co/GFR8Gnc7Ml cinema, film, filmrestoration, worktales, 2020-06-23 17:03:53 Email test #nnnn with attachments, pictures etc.
This is to see if the size thing is avoided using Migadu.
bpluly 2020-07-01 13:06:28 Emailing: LB_Cypriot_Imports.pdf
Chapter 42, with References of The Ancient Pottery Of Israel and its Neighbours This chapter concerns Cypriot imports #Cyprus #MBronzeAge #LBronzeAge Note: To protect against computer vir
bpluly Cyprus, MBronzeAge, LBronzeAge, 2021-02-03 16:17:18 The End of the Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean
The End of the Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean Author(s): A. Bernard Knapp and Sturt W. Manning Source: American Journal of Archaeology , Vol. 120, No. 1 (January 2016), pp. 99-149 Pub
bpluly bronze_age, economiccollapse, Dark_Age, readingList, 2021-02-20 10:27:27 Analysing the Requirements for an Open Research Knowledge Graph: Use Cases, Quality Requirements and Construction Strategies
No Content
bpluly 2020-12-20 18:53:49.033000 #baking #drone @IoZettel...
#baking #drone @IoZettel
bpluly As well as organising and preparing for the mulled wine and treets for the Avenue J has made a gingerbread house fo… https://t.co/DWX9ms2z9y baking, drone, 2021-01-08 10:20:16.848000 @IoZettel #BRImpact #economicact...
@IoZettel #BRImpact #economicactivity #transport
bpluly +UPDATE+ Trade between UK and Europe drops by 50% since Britain officially left the single market. Hardest hit: t… https://t.co/HZw5kQ7lcN BRImpact, economicactivity, transport, 2021-01-09 17:21:10.361000 @IoZettel #BRImpact #transport #...
@IoZettel #BRImpact #transport #economicactivity
bpluly 2/ The whole letter, all of which is well worth a read, is here @BestForBritain @sturdyAlex @DavidHenigUK… https://t.co/d4kpZhpdgP BRImpact, transport, economicactivity, 2020-10-14 08:17:27.602000 @IoZettel #bronze_age #Levant #j...
@IoZettel #bronze_age #Levant #journal
bpluly I'm pleased to announce this special issue of the Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies… https://t.co/52rR7Gi2GU bronze_age, Levant, journal, 2020-07-24 12:29:52 Creating a note in Gmail
This is to see whether the HTML generated from Gmail can be rendered on the page in Zettel.io and how it looks. This is a Huge line. This large This is the normal size (relative to the font size o
bpluly 2021-03-09 15:35:54 REMARQUES_SUR_LA_DATATION_DES_INSCRIPTIO.pdf
Remarks on the royal inscription at Byblos #phoenicians #Byblos #Al;phabets #HistoryOfLebanon REMARQUES_SUR_LA_DATATION_DES_INSCRIPTIO.pdf Note: To protect against computer viruses, email p
bpluly phoenicians, Byblos, Al, HistoryOfLebanon, 2021-05-31 10:06:10.258000 Thread on the mechanics and diff...
Thread on the mechanics and difficulties in validating images as to place and time and what may be possible soon. @IoZettel #validation #cryptographic #telephoto #chainoftrust
bpluly Setting up photos and passing off these staged images have been a huge issue for decades. In 2015, at the World P… https://t.co/LE58bXc1Gj validation, cryptographic, telephoto, chainoftrust,